Collins Pro Line Fusion For Citation CJ Series Aircraft

Stevens Aerospace, a long-standing authorized dealer of Collins Aerospace Avionics, is an approved installer of the Collins Pro Line Fusion Upgrade for Citation CJ1+, CJ2+ and CJ3 . You can trust Stevens to provide you and your aircraft with the highest level of expertise with a personal touch.

Why consider the upgrade?

Head, Eyes, and Situational Awareness – All Up.

Pilot Workload, Stress, and Cost of Ownership – All Down.

Bottom line, the Collins Aerospace™ Pro Line Fusion™ avionics upgrade for your CJ simply makes flying easier, more efficient, more effective, and most important, safer.

It all starts with the three widescreen high-resolution touchscreens that are all fully customizable so you can see what you want and where you want it. Then add in all the performance flying features such as WAAS/LPV, RF Legs, Synthetic Vision with airport domes and extended runways, and high-resolution topographical maps, to dozens more advanced features including graphical flight planning and flight-relevant charts that automatically load based on your specific flight plan. Want a quick re-route due to weather? Just touch the screen where you want to go and Pro Line Fusion™ handles it all from there – it’s just that simple. Touchscreens are fine, but some of you still want a keyboard and joystick? No problem! You get that too, but most of what you’ll do in the air or on the ground can quickly and easily be done on those large intuitive touchscreens keeping your head and eyes up – where they belong. Combine all those features and ease of operations with Collins’ two-year warranty on the equipment, Stevens’ comprehensive warranty on the installation, then add the additional Collins CASP coverage, and you are now flying with the latest future-proofing technology, a lower cost of ownership, a lot less stress, and a whole lot more enjoyment.

Why Choose Collins Pro Line Fusion®?

The system features three 14.1″ widescreen displays with extraordinary synthetic vision and touchscreen capabilities for flight planning, instrumentation, charts and more. In addition, the system offers:

  • Automatic display and sensor reversion
  • High-resolution topo maps
  • Memorized flight deck formats
  • Dual Flight Management System (LPV-capable)
  • ADS-B Out compliance
  • WAAS capable GPS
  • Departure Clearance Service (DCL) and other Text Messaging Capabilities (CPDLC)
  • Many other capabilities and options

What to do now?

Hearing from many CJ operators, both from those who have upgraded to the Pro Line Fusion™ and from those who are about to, a major requirement was working with an MRO installation shop who has “deep experience and capability on the entire aircraft” – and not just avionics. Most operators will opt to perform some required maintenance or interior work while the avionics suite is being transformed in order to take full advantage of the downtime. Stevens fits that requirement perfectly specializing in CJ avionics, interior/exterior refurbishment, and full tip-to-toe maintenance including being a Williams TAP Authorized Service Center if any engine work is needed. No matter what your CJ needs while it’s in for the Pro Line Fusion™ conversion, Stevens has you covered. Complete technical expertise with a personal touch.

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