If you’re like most helicopter owner/operators, what you value most is convenience, minimal downtime and start-to-finish professionalism. You want total confidence the job has been done correctly and that all certifications are executed in total compliance with FAA standards.

This attention to detail and commitment to customer-first service is exactly what has driven South Carolina-based Stevens Aerospace for more than 70 years. It’s the foundation of an industry reputation that has earned the company the trust of some of the world’s most innovative aerospace OEMs, technology innovators throughout the aviation industry and a customer base that includes the United States military.

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The Personal Touch

According to Stevens president Christian Sasfai, the company operates by a simple idea: Unsurpassed technical expertise, delivered with a personal touch.

“From the very start of our business in 1950, we’ve had a culture built around customer engagement. Today, we welcome owner-operators to walk out on the shop floor and ask questions about their aircraft. We encourage that kind of involvement.”

For helicopter owner-operators needing 91.411/13 certifications, as well as avionics checks and routine repairs, Stevens technicians come to the customer’s hangar to perform the analysis and subsequent work. Punctuality and professionalism are a critical part of the service experience. Stevens techs arrive on time and work to accomplish inspections with minimal disruption.

Sasfai says that these maintenance technicians are selected for their ability to adapt well to different surroundings, as well as a natural inclination to establish a personal relationship with the owner-operator. “We look for professionals who treat each customer with respect and truly enjoy getting to know you and your aircraft. The customer’s trust and complete satisfaction really matter to us.”

Interior Refurbishment

For years, Stevens has brought unmatched expertise in interior refurbishment on some of the most admired brands in the business jet industry. Names like Gulfstream, Global, Citation and Embraer.

So, for helicopter owners ready to add a little comfort, polish and aesthetic pop to their cockpit, Stevens provides the full scope of services. From leather selection to seat fabrication and installation, the company manages the process so that the customer’s helicopter never has to leave the hangar.

“We treat every project, large or small, as though it was our own aircraft,” says Sasfai. “From the day-to-day customer communication to the quality of our workmanship, we want our customer to feel like his aircraft is our only priority. I think that’s a large part of how we’ve achieved lasting success over more than 70 years.”

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