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Stevens Aviation Completes Blackhawk Engine Upgrade for King Air 350
February 19, 2018 admin

Nashville, Tenn. – Stevens Aviation’s Nashville MRO facility recently completed its first Blackhawk XP67A Engine Upgrade STC Kit on a Beechcraft King Air 350. Completed in two weeks during a normal Phase Inspection, the modification provides jet-like performance attributes for the King Air, while maintaining the aircraft’s long-standing reputation as one of the most spacious, comfortable and well-designed corporate turboprops on the market. Stevens Aviation has been Blackhawk’s #1 top-producing dealer in the U.S. two years in a row installing more King Air conversions than anyone.

The upgrade, which features two factory-new Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A-67A engines, along with new MT 5-blade natural composite propeller assemblies, provides a 25-30% increase in power, which translates into significant increases in true airspeed and rate of climb. In extensive testing performed by Blackhawk Modifications, the upgrade package provided 18% improved ktas, compared to a stock King Air 350 (FL350 at ISA +20°C, with maximum cruise at 13,000 lbs). Rate of climb comparisons are even more impressive; the Blackhawk upgrade reached 35,000 feet from sea level in 18 minutes, versus 45 minutes when the original OEM engine is tested in similar conditions.

In addition, the Blackhawk program offers increases in single engine service ceiling, substantially reduced operating and maintenance costs, as well as enhanced resale value. The package actually reduces the overall weight of the aircraft by an average of 18 lbs.

The advantages are most notable for operators flying with maximum payloads in hot temperatures and high-altitude airports. The highly efficient Pratt & Whitney engines allow the King Air to maintain power during the climb while not at maximum take-off power.

“The feedback coming from Blackhawk on the King Air 350 upgrade has been exciting from the beginning,” according to Kenyon Blacker, general manager of Stevens Aviation’s Nashville facility. “In practical terms, this gives one of the world’s most beloved turboprops true jet-like speeds, doubling the payload and significantly reduced operating costs when compared with a jet. When you take into consideration the expected jump in resale value, this conversion makes all the sense in the world.”

For more information about Stevens Aviation, contact Phil Stearns, Director of Sales and Marketing, and cell 937.470.1851.

About Steven Aviation:

Stevens Aviation has over 60 years of experience providing civilian MRO services for Beechcraft, Challenger, Cessna, Embraer, Gulfstream, Learjet, Piaggio and Pilatus aircraft.  Stevens is a U.S. and foreign government prime service provider of depot maintenance, refurbishment and modifications for military versions of general aviation airframes. Stevens (Greenville) is a Class III repair station that is ISO9001: 2015, AS9110C, DCMA 8210.1C, EASA and DGAC certified, and GFRC compliant.  Stevens’ Greenville and Dayton facilities have DCMA on the field. Stevens Aviation operates facilities in Greenville SC (GYH), Dayton OH (DAY), and Nashville TN (BNA). For more information, visit

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