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From a fresh update of understated comfort to a complete transformation of sparkling elegance, the Stevens Aerospace Interiors team loves the opportunity to refurbish cabin interiors in a way that reflects your vision, brand and aesthetic style.

Our work spans smaller airframes all the way to the large-body models that set a new standard for luxury air travel.

We’re guided by three principles and one consistent goal.

First, we take the time to explore your vision. Some customers know exactly what they want. Others need a patient hand to guide them. Regardless of your expertise, our design team makes the process fun and presents you with fabrics, colors, veneers, flooring and configurations to take your cabin from ordinary to extraordinary.

Second, we never compromise quality. At Stevens, we have a saying: “Every stitch counts.” Although it applies to upholstery, it reveals a healthy obsession with flawless execution of even the smallest details throughout the cabin. After all, it’s your airplane; everything matters.

Third, we don’t scrimp on materials. The leathers, cabinetry, carpeting, paneling and accessories are sourced from the world’s premier craftsmen and manufacturers. Their beauty is more than skin deep; every aspect is produced to maintain its appearance and functionality for years to come. We take into account your lifestyle, climate and how you plan to use your airplane. The outcome is a quality that can withstand airline-level wear and tear.

When it’s finished, we listen for the one word that tells us how we’ve done: Wow! Creating that Wow Factor drives our teams in everything we do.

From our brand new 16,500 square foot Interiors facility in Greenville, SC, to our long-trusted Interior shop in Dayton, OH, Stevens is well positioned to make your project move with unmatched pace and precision.

Interior Services Include:

  • Factory Completions
  • Partial, Full, and Custom Refurbishment for the entire interior – Leathers, Fabrics, Carpets and all Woodwork (both veneers and laminates)
  • Repair, Refinishing, or Replacement laminate and veneer surfaces
  • Full installations to partial repairs
  • Custom Plating, Countertops, and Hand-Crafted Seat Designs
  • 3D Renderings
  • Custom to fit your personality, lifestyle, and flight mission
  • Custom lighting from ceiling to floor
  • Audio/Video/WIFI/Bluetooth/USB and other entertainment and connectivity options available
  • Industry leading craftsmen
  • From King Air to Gulfstream and everything in between
  • Two interior shops serving all four Stevens locations
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Tim Briscoe
GYH Interiors Manager
Lisa Gorman
DAY Paint/Interior Design Manager
Denise DeYoung
GYH Paint/Interior Design Manager