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Like almost everything else on an airplane, paint is a lot more than what meets the eye. At Stevens, it is a science that’s taken almost seventy years to perfect. And still, we continue to learn. At the end of the job, your airplane will not only look immaculate; just as important, you will know that every step of the painting process has been executed to meet exacting military standards. Regardless of the age or worth of your aircraft, every project begins the same way. We meet and walk the plane together. It’s a meticulous process, because we will see things you’ve probably never noticed. But it’s also a chance to ask questions and get a complete understanding of your expectations. You’re invited to get to know our team and see how we’ll execute every detail. We’ll prepare your estimate and custom renderings for your review.

Nothing is left to interpretation. The goal from the very beginning is simple: No surprises at the end. The Stevens Process Step One is called “The Dirty Stage.” Your plane enters our state-of-the-art Strip Bay. There, we will mask the windows and apply a chemical stripping agent. Then, any loose materials are steamed away with an environmentally-friendly hydrogen peroxide treatment. Now down to the skin, the plane is inspected once again for any hidden areas of corrosion. The sanding process that follows is detailed, precise and time-consuming. Any open pores are carefully filled. The plane is rinsed and given an intricate waterbreak treatment to check for any imperfections. A soap and allodyne solution is applied to prep the aluminum skin to accept the paint. Your airplane enters a separate bay for the painting phase. Windows, ports, landing gear and hinge points are remasked. An experienced and perfectly integrated team will then start to prime and paint. It’s the detail work that will truly set your plane apart. Here, science and art come together as graphics are painstakingly taped and painted. The plane that entered this bay as a blank canvas is now a gleaming expression of your signature style. Underneath it all is Stevens’ pristine craftsmanship and a commitment to deliver a job that’s a perfect reflection of the way you see the world.

Stevens Aerospace paint services include:

  • Factory Completions
  • Partial, Full, and Custom Refurbishment
  • Complete Strip and Paint
  • 3D Renderings
  • Boot Reconditioning
  • Flight Control Removal, Balance, Re-Installation
  • Registration Number Changes
  • Restripe Fuselage
  • Customer Color Matching Capabilities
  • Corrosion Inhibitor
  • Exterior Cleaning, Xzilon Application
  • Brightwork Polishing, Wax or Compound
  • Environmentally Friendly and EPA Compliant
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