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Pre-Buy Inspections

Know before you buy. Contact our sales team today.

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Know Exactly What You’ve Got Before You Buy

Here at Stevens Aerospace, our Pre-Buy (or Pre-Purchase) Inspections are designed to take the guesswork out of purchasing a pre-owned aircraft. The inspection can be as quick and easy, or as complex as the buyer and/or seller wish. By examining the aircraft inside and out we’re able to discover issues that could have been missed or not observed until a major interval inspection.

Extensive pre-buy inspections allow us to provide a complete picture of the aircraft, giving you the insights to make informed decisions about repair and upgrades.

We Know These Airplanes

Our technicians bring years of experience with virtually every type of private aircraft. We recognize what to look for and how to prioritize needed repair, particularly for any inherent dangers and risks that could cause significant downtime. It’s this type of knowledge that often saves significant expenses in the long run.

Complete Transparency Throughout the Project

At Stevens, we bring a 70-year commitment to transparency and integrity in every area of service. If repair is required, we discuss alternative solutions and provide thorough estimates. At any time during the repair process, we invite you to visit, observe our work and ask any questions. We want you to know as much as possible about your aircraft and the investment you’re making, whether buying or selling.

“We always invite our customers to come here, to be boots on the ground with us, to see what we’re seeing. If they can’t do that, we’re providing pictures. But if they do come, then we’re providing them with an office, as well as the technical service representative that they can call any time day or night and get answers about their aircraft.”

Travis Fleshman, Maintenance Manager / Stevens Aerospace

Airframes We Service: Challenger, Citation, Global, Gulfstream, Hawker, King Air, Learjet, Embraer, Falcon, Premier, Phenom (Authorized Service Center), Piaggio (Authorized Service Center), and many more.