Stevens Aerospace, a long-standing authorized dealer of Collins Aerospace Avionics, is an approved installer of the Collins Pro Line Fusion Upgrade for Citation CJ1+, CJ2+ and CJ3, as well as the Challenger 604. You can trust Stevens to provide you and your aircraft with the highest level of expertise with a personal touch.

Why Choose Collins Pro Line Fusion®?

Head, Eyes, and Situational Awareness – All Up.

Pilot Workload, Stress, and Cost of Ownership – All Down.

Bottom line, the Collins Aerospace™ Pro Line Fusion™ avionics upgrade simply makes flying easier, more efficient, more effective, and most important, safer.

The system features three 14.1″ widescreen displays with extraordinary synthetic vision and touchscreen capabilities for flight planning, instrumentation, charts and more. In addition, the system offers:

  • Automatic display and sensor reversion
  • High-resolution topo maps
  • Memorized flight deck formats
  • Dual Flight Management System (LPV-capable)
  • ADS-B Out compliance
  • WAAS capable GPS
  • Departure Clearance Service (DCL) and other Text Messaging Capabilities (CPDLC)
  • Many other capabilities and options

And if that wasn’t enough, consider upgrading your radar to the finest available with Collins’ new Multi-Scan Full Color Weather Radar for the Pro Line Fusion avionics suite.

  • Clutter-free, real-time weather detection from the aircraft nose to 320 NM
  • Fully Automatic Operations – totally hands free
  • Temperature compensated
  • Radar adjusts to the different types of weather in different geographical areas

For more information on Collin’s new radar, click here

For Citation CJ Series Aircraft:

Hearing from many CJ operators, both from those who have upgraded to the Pro Line Fusion™ and from those who are about to, a major requirement was working with an MRO installation shop who has “deep experience and capability on the entire aircraft” – and not just avionics. Most operators will opt to perform some required maintenance or interior work while the avionics suite is being transformed in order to take full advantage of the downtime. Stevens fits that requirement perfectly specializing in CJ avionics, interior/exterior refurbishment, and full tip-to-toe maintenance including being a Williams TAP Authorized Service Center if any engine work is needed. No matter what your CJ needs while it’s in for the Pro Line Fusion™ conversion, Stevens has you covered. Complete technical expertise with a personal touch.

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For Challenger 604 Aircraft:

As of December 2021, Collins Aerospace Avionics is no longer manufacturing Pro Line 4 system CRT screens. Existing screens requiring repair are being serviced by Collins with pre-owned components. After December 2023, Collins will no longer repair or support any CRT in the Challenger 604 in any way.

In September 2020, Collins announced the impending obsolescence of Pro Line 4 CRT screens, along with the boxes that house the screens. Today, these screens are no longer being made and repairs are being processed by Collins with used parts.

The complexity and cost of repairs is expected to rise as preowned stock is depleted. Once the stock of available screens at Collins or in aftermarket stock is gone, if you have a failure, your plane will be grounded immediately.

Along with screen obsolescence issues, the FMS itself in the Pro Line 4 system will not be able to support the ever-increasing demands of the modern and future airspace. Your best option is to upgrade to the new Collins Pro Line Fusion®.
Ready to get started to learn more about Collins Fusion upgrade for your 604? Click the button below and one of our avionics consultants will get back with you to guide you through the process.

Why Choose Stevens?

The Pro Line Fusion installation is an extensive upgrade affecting wiring and components throughout your aircraft – not just a simple box swap in the nose. You need a shop that knows and can work the entire aircraft with technical expertise, giving you peace of mind that it’s handled tip to toe.

A seventy-year legacy in aviation, Stevens Aerospace enjoys a longstanding relationship with Collins Aerospace as one of the oldest authorized dealers. We deliver:

  • Deep, credible experience on the Challenger 604 aircraft – not just avionics. Our team brings you unsurpassed expertise in all areas of engine and airframe maintenance, interior refurbishments, complete in-house paint capabilities, as well as nationwide AOG support.
  • Extensive experience in full system conversions (EFIS to Pro Line) as well as upgrades/modifications/repairs on both Military and Civilian Challengers.

Whether you choose to do this installation as a standalone event or you execute it as part of a major inspection or paint/interior refurbishment, Stevens has you covered: technical expertise, with a uniquely personal touch.

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